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Tinderbox and the Law (Read 7440 times)
Mark Bernstein
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Eastgate Systems, Inc.
Tinderbox and the Law
May 16th, 2009, 9:35am
I'd like to hear about legal applications of Tinderbox, ranging from law school study notes to forensics, case analysis, litigation support, judgment writing, and legal scholarship.

If you'd rather not post here, could you send me a private email at bernstein@eastgate.com with some notes about how you use Tinderbox?  Confidential notes are fine; suggestions for new features welcome.

Please go ahead and post or email me, even if we've discussed your application before.  I don't want to overlook anything or anyone.
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Greg Haverkamp
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Re: Tinderbox and the Law
Reply #1 - May 17th, 2009, 8:25pm
I used Tinderbox through 3 of my 4 years (I was a part-timer) of law school.

For the most part, I used Tinderbox as a note taking platform.  Sometimes I actually used Tinderbox features, tagging case briefs with a case prototype and such, but in reality, I just preferred Tinderbox over other methods because it gave me some tools to organize my notes without forcing structure on me.  (Law students are obsessed with outlines, and I didn't particularly like taking notes in outline form, even if my Tinderbox-taken notes eventually looked like an outline.)

For some classes, I did more things than in others.  In Evidence, I imported an outline-form copy of the Federal Rules of Evidence, which was handy.  In another, I made flash cards. (I haven't posted enough to link to Mark's blog post of Nov. 4, 2005.)  (Turns out, I don't really like flash cards, so I never did that again.)

I did some work on the original version of my upper-division research paper in Tinderbox, but in the end, it was written mostly from a base outline on the basis of my research, with citations filled in (in Word) later.

Now, as I turn to building a practice, I see more uses, but I haven't done much yet.  Frankly, the process of getting a practice going while working a day job full-time has been tougher than I thought it would be.  I started out by creating the original form of my practice's website/blog in Tinderbox, but in the end, having to do all of the design work from scratch was overwhelming, and I changed to Wordpress and the Thesis theme.  

The target of my practice is to provide electronic discovery counsel services to other attorneys, which will require doing data maps, organizing contacts throughout organizations, etc.  I see lots of potential for Tinderbox usage there.  First, I just have to get to the point where I actually have clients.

Going forward, I feel like I'd really need what I've seen mentioned here-and-there quite often.  It would be really nice to give people a map view online, or at least to have some way to share interactive maps with non-Mac users.  (Snapping static shots of them is fine for some things, but I've generally found it limiting.)
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