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Notes for a Novel: revisiting (Read 26689 times)
Stacey Mason
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Re: Notes for a Novel: revisiting
Reply #30 - Jun 09th, 2011, 4:36am
This may be too simple of an answer, but it's probably best just to start taking notes.  When I'm using Tinderbox to just get things down, I tend to default to map view. The most terrifying thing is always the blank page, so maybe just start with a note for each character.  Over time, this may prove to be too little information for some characters, but you can evolve your document at that time.  Maybe start with a prototype "character" and make those character notes look different (through shape, etc) than plot notes. You can always make an agent later to gather all of the notes with a prototype of character.

Then take some plot notes. just start getting things down. Move notes around as they relate to other notes. Use spacial relationships to your advantage. Maybe these two notes are similar to those notes, but not enough to link them or put them on an adornment. Just moving them close to each other might express that there is some connection there.

Other ideas:
  • Have a container for story event notes and use $StartDate and $EndDate to plot them in Timeline view
  • Agents can help with continuity issues
  • Links can be helpful for character relationships, etc
  • Maps can help keep track of which characters and in which places at which times
  • Don't feel like it all has to fit in one map
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