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Converging docs, machines and/or online targets (Read 2304 times)
russ lipton
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Converging docs, machines and/or online targets
Apr 27th, 2011, 12:15pm
... seeking insights from users about their methods and discoveries ...

When formal integration of two documents into one is not indicated (yet), I follow this strategy:

I post to the different tbx docs as-usual. I use html export to converge the tbx docs for presentation as a single online document.  This is helpful for testing/inspecting tradeoffs of final integration in tbx. Must be watchful to avoid folder/file name collisions at export, but otherwise solid once set up.

(.... so, when feeling especially anal, I keep different types of tbx documents to themselves, even though they could be consolidated; including external websites)

If I am working on the same doc across different machines and/or between a local machine and an external server:

Use macros and/or value/includes of attribute fields/note text to swap-in different css or file URLs; run them as first task in/for the new work-location (ex. a localfile:// URL compared to a http:// mydomain.com URL).

I do use tbx preferences, but this allows fine-grained control when doing nifty weird stuff in mutliple places.

Dropbox is my standard for transfer across personal devices, though I sometimes stub my toe on accidentally over-writing the tbx file. I have a manual routine for saving-as; opening dropbox app; saving-as on other machine. Complicated in my case because I insist stubbornly on using Dropbox for some of my actual tbx work. Must ... change ....

Questions: how could I improve this kind of workflow?

As is often (wonderfully) true with Tinderbox, I have no clue whether having gotten something to work means I am doing it sensibly (e.g., at minimum cost of braincells better devoted to wielding more interesting tbx magic).
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