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Using Marked (app) for previewing Tinderbox export (Read 3499 times)
Paul Walters
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Using Marked (app) for previewing Tinderbox export
Aug 17th, 2011, 5:26pm
An interesting post from Greg Jones over at the DEVONthink forum pointed out a helpful desktop app built by Brett Terpstra, called Marked, that is available on the AppStore.  Marked opens HTML, Markdown, Multimarkdown, and plain text files and shows a preview - with markup applied of the file.  The preview is updated everytime the file is updated, and the preview window can float next to your working window.  So, with Tinderbox, if you are exporting to a single file you can have the Marked window next to your Tinderbox document and preview changes as they occur.  I haven't tried this with a long, complex document, but so far it's working quite well.  The Marked window can be sent to the printer or Preview as a PDF.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Using Marked (app) for previewing Tinderbox export
Reply #1 - Aug 17th, 2011, 5:33pm
From I what read on the Marked site, that app might also help with doing links to HTML anchors in exported pages, for links like:

<a href="../somepage.html#some_anchor">see here</a>.

[post-edit: clarified point]
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