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Key bindings (Read 2529 times)
Jon B.
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Key bindings
Sep 20th, 2011, 1:34am
As a new user, I am enjoying the power of Tinderbox.  Clearly it has been programmed using some of its own UI elements rather than the Cocoa ones, but even though some reviews noted this with dismay, I don't mind.

However, its text editor only implements some of the standard Mac (emacs) key bindings.  Ctrl-A moves to the beginning of a line, but Ctrl-E for end doesn't work.  Nor does Ctrl-K, delete to end of line.  

Is it too much to ask that these be implemented?  Please…
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Key bindings
Reply #1 - Sep 20th, 2011, 4:27am
Changes to the default bindings are a matter for Eastgate so can't be fixed here. I've not come across Ctrl+A/Ctrl+E, probably as I don't use vim/emacs/etc. Cmd+left arrow and cmd+right arrow as I'm used to in apps like BBEdit do work though.

My understanding is TB started life  pre-Cocoa (in Metrowerks) and has changed over as needed along the way and change is constant as change logs will attest. If you read its author's blog (especially here), you'll note the design approach is not necessarily driven by the standards de jour of others. For a small shop making a multi-facetted tool there's a trade-off between adding shiny-ness/conformance and adding things users actually need that other apps don't supply. Personally, I think the latter tends to win out which is generally to the users' benefit and albeit their occasional surprise over missing intuited features or their being implemented differently than expected. IOW, the app's not trying to win kudos for looks or conformance; long term users will attest to its power at doing unusual tasks.

In noting this, I'm not taking a position on the matter, but rather trying to help explain the status quo in context of the expectations implied in your post. I just help out here and am not involved in the making of the app, but this issue does some up with new users and so I figured a little clarification might help!  Smiley

If there's some feature you want/need/expect, the quickest route to action is to email Eastgate direct, this being a user-to-user forum without direct input on the app. Eastgate's a small shop but I think you'll find response is pretty prompt.
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