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Different columns at different levels of outline (Read 1919 times)
james a. foster
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Different columns at different levels of outline
Nov 27th, 2011, 9:34pm
I'd like to be able to have different columns displayed at different levels of an outline view. For example, I may want to see one set of attributes at the leaf level and another at internal nodes.

Why? Take for example a box full of notes about my food that I'm working on.

The containers can have different key attributes. For example, containers are places to store food (like Freezer, which contains TopShelf and BottomShelf). the leaves are actual food items (like Spinach, 2 bags, frozen yesterday, expires in 2 months).

I want to display a list of all the food, where it is, how much is left, sorted by expiration date. So, I don't want to see "whenFrozen" when I look at "BottomShelf", only when I look at "Spinach". and so on.

I know I can do this by defining the html export more carefully. But It would be helpful to have it in the outline view.

I'll add this to the feature request.
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