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A Web Publishing System (Read 4160 times)
Ted Goranson
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Virginia Beach VA
A Web Publishing System
Jan 14th, 2012, 9:09am
After a whole lot of work, with the heavy lifting by Mark Anderson, I am finally publishing a website from Tinderbox. I really have to publicly thank Mark for his patience in stretching the application, and to Mark Bernstein for putting such power in my hands.

It is the first stage only of a very ambitious project, but there were quite a few lessons learned and after taking many insights from this community, I’d like to give back. Mark is free to share what we did, and I can answer some questions as well. I plan to create videos to show how the thing works. But for now all you can see is the initial result at tedgoranson.com

You’ll have to consider that my use of Tinderbox is unusual. I am using it for some rather risky research in structured narrative, exploiting typed links. This work has only just begun. The site addresses the need to write three long form documents that describe this research and at the same time structure these documents in part according to what I learn. An associated blog will post progress notices, plus miscellaneous personal rambles.

The infrastructure we have is overengineered to accommodate stuff you cannot yet see on the website, but there are some interesting features with what we have.

Notes that have subnotes get published as collapsed sections of the master note. Images get interwoven in the text, similarly hidden until expanded. Images, notes and subnotes all have ‘teaser text’ that appears in helpful spots. We have a note type called ‘parenthetical’ that gets inserted inline and expands stretchtext-like. This will accommodate true parentheticals, sidenotes, annotations and references. Parentheticals can be reused with few restrictions, have images and their own parentheticals.

There are quite few nice touches on the Tinderbox authoring end as well, but I’d like to finish some of that before making the films.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: A Web Publishing System
Reply #1 - Jan 14th, 2012, 11:10am
I think Ted meant to add a URL for the site: http://blog.tedgoranson.com/

It's been a challenging and fun bit of work (disclaimer: I worked as a formal consultant on this) and has pushed lots of things I didn't think at outset that TB would do, mainly in the context of export. The web site actual site has a bit of PHP to help with the complex multi-domain set-up and JavaScript for some of the webpage dynamics (expand collapse). It's worth noting that the entire site - bar images - is all exported from a single TBX, including, JS, CSS, etc. That's important as it ensures that bar the inter-domain links the exported pages still work on Ted's local h/d so he can screen proof and test before upload, obviating the need for a test server.

At time of writing TB is at v5.10.0. The site started development in v5.9.2 but needed to use v5.9.3+ to leverage its support for ^include^'s targets being the result of dynamic finds (the need for that will come out as the project gets discussed).
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Mark Anderson
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