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Little Tool for Calculating Time (Read 3928 times)
Christian Tagsold
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Little Tool for Calculating Time
Jul 02nd, 2012, 11:35am
Here is a little tool I have built for a project in which I needed to know how much time I spent totally:


Simply add a new note to the "How much time?" container when you start a task. If you click "done" the time used will automaticalla be added to the Dashboard.
Compared to programs like Finch this tools allows to easily include hours of work not spend on the Mac - like reading. In addition you can write into the notes what you did to keep track of the details.

The tool works fine for me. However, I am not sure wether the complex way to calculate time spans is really clever. Maybe there is a much easier way to do this?!? If so I would be very happy to learn about calculating time spans in Tinderbox properly  Smiley.

An additional warning: The original file was in German and I have translated it. If something sounds akward or does not work properly this might be because of my faulty English and the process of translating the file… The original German version can also deal with breaks interruting a task. Anyway - hope you find it useful or interesting!
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