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Registering for the forum and can't see captchas? (Read 35623 times)
Mark Anderson
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Registering for the forum and can't see captchas?
Sep 4th, 2012, 2:55am
Some people, using Safari on OS 10.7 / 10 .8 report difficulty seeing the GIF images created by a 'captcha' process. The issue stems from a documented and as yet unfixed bug in OS X system files. Safari uses to latter to (try to!) show the captcha GIFs using the the forum registration process. The breakage started in OS X Lion (10.7) and seems to affect users of that and subsequent versions of OS X.

Pending a fix to OS X, users encountering this are asked to complete the registration process using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome. The latter is needed only once, for using the captcha page. Once registered, Safari can be used as normal. Aplogies for the inconvenience.

"Why use captchas at all?" Without them it either requires the admins to find extra spare time to manually validate each request (including from scripts, spambots, etc.) or to be overrun with unwanted and sometimes unpleasant entries.
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