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Tutorial: reporting on attribute completion (Read 2758 times)
Mark Anderson
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Tutorial: reporting on attribute completion
Nov 1st, 2012, 5:17am
Following on from this forum thread, I have written a tutorial on the process. Read it here (HTML) and download associated demo TBX/PDF files from here. This, from the tutorial's opening, gives an idea of what's covered:

The idea of this tutorial sprang from a forum question about automatically checking on the completion of key attributes in a writing project. To this has been added a rudimentary dashboard to help show how the data gathered from the process can be used to inform the writer. As well as the code to do the task, the tutorial covers in passing:

     using prototypes to update many notes via one edit
     using OnAdd actions to set correct prototypes
     using naming prefixes for back-of-house notes to avoid duplicate note titles
     using notes to store and edit longer sections of action code
     using $Pattern to show progress data in Map view
     using background agents to make reporting code shorter/simpler
     using a map as a visual dashboard

The tutorial gives instructions to allow you to make the resulting demo from a blank new Tinderbox document. It may be you're starting out and this looks complex and you just want to play with the result, or you're just in a hurry. Either way, the TBX file created from writing this tutorial, along with a PDF version in this article can be downloaded. If you do jump straight to playing with the TBX, it is suggested you skim read this article so as to get an idea of what it does and why.
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