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aTbRef update on items & groups (Read 2459 times)
Mark Anderson
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aTbRef update on items & groups
Dec 07th, 2012, 6:16am
In the course of answering some recent questions, I'm aware that he action code listings aren't as clear as they might be about 'item's and 'groups'. Neither are formal TB syntax terms but they neatly encapsulate references to a single note or a list of notes. Anyway, I've added these new pages in the Objects & Concepts section:
I've also added links back to these from the relevant articles in the Action code operator listing and will continue to add more cross links as I find them.

You may find that some code don't support all methods - if you find an exception that's not documented as such, I'd recommend letting support know. Also, as hinted in the first article, if you're going to use complex expression you may need to use eval() and/or extra parentheses to help TB understand your intent.

As well as these changes the RSS feeds and zip of the TBX file have been uploaded.
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