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Smart Duplicate Names (and a mystery) (Read 2195 times)
steve harf
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Smart Duplicate Names (and a mystery)
Mar 23rd, 2013, 5:03pm
Try this: Duplicate a note. The duplicate gets assigned the original name of the note with "copy" appended. Now make a duplicate of the duplicate. You would think that it simply gets another "copy" appended on the end, but this is not the case. A "1" is appended. Now make a duplicate of this last duplicate. The "1" is replaced by "2", so now the name of the last duplicate is "some note name copy 2". You can continue to make duplicates and the number will be incremented. Now make a brand new note and give it the name "Another Note copy". Make a duplicate of it. You will see that a "1" is appended to the name of the duplicate. It appears the word "copy" as the last word in the name of the note seems to trigger this behavior. (If you really want to see some odd behavior make a note with the name "note copy a" and make a duplicate of this note, but that looks like an unintended feature. A bug perhaps. Anyone know the significance of 3196639 ?)

I really do not want to have a series of notes with the word "copy" in them, but I might want to have a series of notes with incremented numbers in their names. (I could use "Person 1" and "Person 2" before I know what their names are, for example.)

Suggestion: If you choose to duplicate a note and the note name ends with a number (e.g. "Factor 1"), instead of appending "copy" to the end of the name at the time of making the duplicate, increment the number in the name by 1 (e.g. "Factor 2").
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- Steve Harf
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