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Finding Container of Originating Note of Inbounds (Read 1888 times)
Ted Goranson
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Finding Container of Originating Note of Inbounds
Mar 13th, 2014, 2:09pm
This task is rather straightforward in principle.

I have a container with many notes that is growing quickly. These notes all have inbound links of a type unique to the container.

I will be examining these inbound links to determine the source note, then assigning a badge and setting an attribute for sorting the target notes by originating container.

So (simplified) I have two source containers: named Blog and Essays. (This is simplified; there are several containers, some of them with nested structure.) In these are notes that have links to notes in a third container named Parentheticals. It is the notes in this third container that get badged and sorted.

My anticipated strategy is to create a numerical attribute named $ParenOrig. A rule would look for the incoming link, trace its source, look for its container and protototype. (These two together can identify all cases.)

Then the rule would set the attribute $ParenOrig to 1, 2, and so on based on those source attributes. Once this attribute is set, determining sort order and assigning badges should be easy.


should return the name of the container of the link source, right?
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Finding Container of Originating Note of Inbounds
Reply #1 - Mar 13th, 2014, 2:34pm
"$parent" is a reference to a user attribute called "parent".

I think you want the reference to the $Container of the (original of) the linking note. In which case ( - not tested - i'd suggest:

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Mark Anderson
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