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TinderboxSIX cheat sheet (Read 1347 times)
Gregg Williams
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TinderboxSIX cheat sheet
Jun 07th, 2014, 11:58pm
Here's an ugly dump of a small TBX document I've made with info from various posts in this topic. It's terse because most of the content is in TBX note titles. Let me know if you find it useful.

1.1 UI

1.1.1 create prototype: right-click note's icon, choose prototype

1.1.2 display preferences: Edit > Document Settings (shows all per-document prefs)

1.1.3 how to: work with column data in an Outline view
* To enable column data, select View > Use Columns.
     - At the top of the tab's panel, a horizontal ribbon of space appears. This space is used to display each column's name. One column is automatically provided.
     - You can display multiple columns of data.
     - Each column displays the card's value for a given attribute.

* To set or change the attribute being displayed in a column, click the column title and type in the name of the attribute.

*  To add a new column, click the "+" icon on the left side of the attribute-title ribbon.

* To delete a column of data, click its title, then click the Delete button.

*  To revert to displaying no column data, click the round "x" icon on the left side of the attribute-title ribbon, or uncheck the View > Use Columns menu item.

1.1.4 set note's query, action, rule, sort order: select note, Cmd-1 for Inspector, click "gear" icon

1.1.5 TABS

1.1.6 change what tab displays: Cmd-4, -5, -6 = note text only, note view+text, note view only

1.1.7 change which view a tab displays: right-click icon in tab, choose view from list

1.1.8 delete a tab: move cursor to tab's icon; click circled "x" in upper left corner of icon

1.1.9 display tab in a new window: right-click tab, select "New Window" from list

1.1.10 open a new tab: select a note, then select View > New Tab
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