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TB 6 bug report (Read 2249 times)
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TB 6 bug report
Jun 8th, 2014, 5:31am
In Map View up-arrow goes up the nesting hierarchy; in Outline View, left-arrow does this, but incorrectly (see next). It used to be opt-cmd-up-arrow, which was nice since it's the universal command for up-hierarchy.

Left arrow goes up the nesting hierarchy in Outline view from any note TWO nestings down rather than ONE (i.e, from the top-most note in the window). As a result, if only one note is present (the top one), you cannot go up-hierarchy.

Map view window position is destroyed whenever that tab is activated , when a view is switched (back) to Map View, or when moving up/down through the nesting hierarchy.

Text Only and View Only commands only move the divider to the left and right, with unsightly space showing on the other side of the divider, and with the divider itself still wasting space as well. Let the divider remain only under the View-and-Text command.

Outline View has ugly horizontal and vertical spacing when notes having different $OutlineTextSize values are present. Small $OutlineTextSize also truncates the collapse/expand arrowheads.

Let the title of the note (in the Text Pane) be smaller, or let the user set this as a preference. Itís massive currently.

Clicking the HTML button in the Text Pane causes TB to crash.

Long note titles are truncated in Outline View, with only the top half of the last line visible.

Move Note Up and Move Note Down commands take a very long time to work in Outline View -- about 15 seconds in my main TBX.
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Mark Bernstein
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re: your keyboard issues
Reply #1 - Jun 8th, 2014, 12:46pm
a) The different meanings of arrow keys in map and outline have been a feature of Tinderbox for many years, and many users depend on them.

b) You write that "Left arrow goes up the nesting hierarchy in Outline view from any note TWO nestings down rather than ONE", but this seems to be mistaken.

c) You write that "Map view window position is destroyed whenever that tab is activated", but that's not the case. The map view window position is saved when the tab is created (and at various other times) and restored with the tab is reactivated.

d) Ugly horizontal spacing: send screenshots with detailed callouts and typographical corrections to info@eastgate.com. †This is most likely the fault of the font designer -- we use their recommended leading -- but I'm happy we see what you have in mind.

e) truncation in outline view: enormous effort has been taken to avoid this. This sounds like a corrupt font. Again, send screenshot and sample file to info@eastgate.com.

f) Move Note Up/Down: this occurs instantly in the outline I have open at the moment, which has 858 items visible; in fact, the animation is completely smooth. So again, this is unreproducible.

Please send bug reports to info@eastgate.com, enclosing detailed screenshots, sample files, and whatever else is needed to make the question clear and reproducible.
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