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v5 $Text fonts & bold/italic -> v6 (Read 923 times)
Mark Anderson
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v5 $Text fonts & bold/italic -> v6
Jun 17th, 2014, 5:37am
TL;DR: this article is probably one you can skip if you don't use bold/italic in your note $Text or don't make use of non-default fonts.

TB v6 uses more standard Mac-like conventions for fonts - albeit ones that many users may never have encountered, depending on the apps you use.  The 'gotcha' for existing users is that for $Text to show bold, italic or bold+italic, your Mac must have discrete font variants. Thus Lucida Grande - an old $TextFont in your v5 documents, has a bold font but no italic one. So, in v6, your v5 doc using that font will show the normal and bold passages correctly but italics will just disappear - as there is no italic face font. In v5, the app produced 'false' bold/italic from the base font

The good news is this issue should affect few if any who just use the TB defaults as since v5.00 the $TextFont default has been Cochin or latterly Hoefler Text - both of which have the the 3 font variants needed for bold/italic support. In v4-4.7, the default was Lucida Grande and pre-v4 it was Geneva; neither of these have the font variants needed.

If you're someone who likes particular fonts, you may want to check in the Mac Font Book app to see if your choices have the variants needed for v6.

Of course, if you never use italics - for example - then the limitation is moot. You jst can't apply bold/italic for installed font that lack those face variants (yes, this is confusing to those who don't understand fonts!).

Currently v6 uses Lucida Grande for $NameFont (the title font for main views) but I believe this is likely to change to Helvetica Neue(?) as the latter has a better range of installed font faces. I assume v6.0.0 does a faux-italic for aliases as Lucida Grande has no italic installed.

As you may guess, I've tripped over this issue. aTbRef, dating originally from v3, had settled on Lucida Grande as its $TextFont and uses a lot of bold & italics. As it happens, it looks like some judicious editing of v5 XML source can pre-fix most/all of this by assigning new text fonts to a v5 doc before it is used in v6.

Edit: same issue holds for $KeyAttributesFont - at least, it must support a bold face.
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