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Tbx Outline to MS-Word (Read 2893 times)
steve harf
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Cleveland, Ohio
Tbx Outline to MS-Word
Jul 03rd, 2014, 3:47pm
I am not sure if this is widely known, but you can get a fairly nicely formatted MS-Word document from a Tinderbox outline using copy and paste, plus a "trick" or sorts.  

The problem that this solves is if you copy an outline form Tinderbox, each line is preceded by one or more tab characters. What is usually desired is a "bullet" followed by the entire line indented so it wraps properly aligned under the first character as a block.  

Try this:
  • Open a Tinderbox document and view in outline or some portion of an outline
  • "Select All" and then "Copy" from the "Edit" menu in Tinderbox
  • Open a blank document in MS-Word
  • "Paste" and then "Select All" from the "Edit" menu in MS-Word
  • "Bullets and Numbering..." from the "Format" menu in MS-Word and then select a bullet format (or use the equivalent from the toolbar)

You will now have a properly formatted outline with indents replacing the initial tab characters. (You also get some interesting results if you now copy the content from MS-Word and paste it into Excel.)
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- Steve Harf
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J Fallows
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Re: Tbx Outline to MS-Word
Reply #1 - Jul 3rd, 2014, 5:33pm
Nice! Thank you.
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