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Saving Tinderbox 6 docs inside Evernote docs (Read 953 times)
Greg Korgeski
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Saving Tinderbox 6 docs inside Evernote docs
Jul 03rd, 2014, 5:33pm
Decided to experiment a bit and it seems not to work, but thought I'd mention it for reactions...can't find it discussed in any of the discussions. Theoretically, one can drag docs of various sorts into an Evernote document and it can be saved, including updates, can later be opened. Since Evernote is the currently easiest (for me) way to input notes from everywhere and anything (iPhone, iPad, Macs), I've been experimenting with sticking projects into master notes for reference wherever I'm working. So I started a new Tinderbox doc, adding some notes just to see what happens. When I opened it on my other Mac, it only had one of the notes in it. Turns out that this is not apparently workable -- re-syncing the document results in two different versions, incorrect size listings, extremely long syncs that are still inaccurate, and so on.

I suspect that there are lots of reasons this doesn't work and I give up on saving it in Evernote, for now anyway. Tinderbox docs seem to survive and stay updated just fine on Dropbox. But if there are any ideas on whether/how it "should" work, it'd be nice. One tries to be less scattered and if it did work, I was thinking it would probably expand the uses I'd make of Tinderbox...used to have all sorts of Tinderbox docs a few years back.

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