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Primer: exporting from TB to HTML (formatted text) (Read 4707 times)
Mark Anderson
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Primer: exporting from TB to HTML (formatted text)
Sep 29th, 2014, 2:39pm
Download this zip file (HTML-v6.zip). The zip contains 5 exercise TBXs; open each in order (the files are numbered) and follow the instructions given in the file. When you've complete each exercise, you will have folder of HTML. This allows you to compare source with output, experience the basics of export, and see how export code and templates work.

The 5 demo TBXs are (see the files for an explanation of each):
  • 'Ex1-Simple.tbx'.
  • 'Ex2-Multiple.tbx'.
  • 'Ex3-Include.tbx'.
  • 'Ex4-Multiple2.tbx'.
  • 'Ex5-Recurse.tbx'.
The zip contains a 'readme' file and another zip holding specimen output. I suggest you actually try the export exercises before looking that the specimen export so that you experience the whole export process.

This tutorial covers HTML export only. HTML is Tinderbox's default export format. Export using other forms of mark-up are possible but aren't covered here.

Oops - I originally wrote these exercise files back c.2009, before built-in templates & prototypes got added to TB5. Anyway, to follow today's style I really ought to add the new style set up of using an 'HTML Template' prototype. I try and do this when I get a chance to update the files. As can be seen from the files you dont have to have a prototype, but it is actually much erasier for the new user if you do!
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