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Navigation in Tinderbox Six (Read 24200 times)
Michael Bywater
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Re: Navigation in Tinderbox Six
Reply #30 - Aug 13th, 2015, 2:05pm
My scenario is more like

-- Wander round aimlessly, whistling through my teeth.

-- Find myself in Omaha with no idea how I got there.

-- Remember a while ago passing through Abilene.  Suspect there's a link to be made.

-- Park link.

-- Try to retrace my steps.

-- -- Used to be able to via History.

-- -- Can't now except with search.

And what's the problem with search?  None, except that I'm not sure it *was* Abilene; maybe it was somewhere a bit before, or after, I passed through.

It may just be me, but that's a common way for me to spot emergent connections...
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