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Agile Results with Tinderbox (Read 12072 times)
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Re: Agile Results with Tinderbox
Reply #15 - Dec 10th, 2014, 10:29am
1. Funky? Not entirely sure of the meaning but my guess is you're referring to the contents of the calendar months as shown in Map view. Changes in v5 & v6 map UI mean the layout need a bit of tweaking. You want to look at the agent at /System/Agents/DayDate generator and Formatting/Day Formatting, specifically the reset values for $MapScrollX and $MapScrollY

Yep, that's what I was referring to - thanks, I've had fun playing around with that.

2. Pie charts. Yes, in v6. I'e not used them extensively.

Cool, I've had a look at these. The formatting is behaving differently from what I would expect, perhaps I'll drop Mark B an email.

3. Tabs.  v6.1.0 release notes state: Tinderbox now saves the tab state of each window separately, and restores the tab state when loading the window.

Nifty! It would be nice if it also remembered the toolbar visibility setting or allowed me to set this as a system preference.

4. This is so helpful, thanks! I may end up making 2 prototypes - one for the first day of the week, which will set its date from its previous cousin's date and then one for not first day of the week.

This has given me a lot to work with and greatly increased my understanding of how action code works. Thanks! Smiley
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