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TBX 6 mysteries: Hoist, the "breadcrumb bar," more (Read 1994 times)
Gregg Williams
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TBX 6 mysteries: Hoist, the "breadcrumb bar," more
Dec 20th, 2014, 1:17am
As a 2+ year user of Tinderbox, I still find myself confused and befuddled from time to time, and the major (and marvelous) advances stuffed into Tinderbox 6 have not helped matters any.

I felt bad about having to ask Mark Bernstein about something I didn't understand, so I've written up what I learned, and I'm placing it in the Tinderbox 6 Forum for the benefit of people who are as confused as I was.

Here are the questions that I hope to answer:

1. I know that Tinderbox used to have a "Hoist" function. Why can't I find it?

2. Sometimes there's a ribbon at the top of a document's view that reads like a hierarchical path to the currently selected note (Mark calls this the "breadcrumb bar"). Sometimes it disappears, and I don't know why. How can I make the breadcrumb bar appear again?

3. When I'm in the Outline view, I want to move to a map view that shows the note I'm currently working on. When I select View > Map, the Map view shows a "container" icon that represents the topmost (or "root") note in the outline--and then I have to "drill down" through all the container nodes to get to the view I want to see. Isn't there a better way to do this?

First, some setup

To aid in my text-only explanation, let's both imagine a simple Tinderbox file in Outline view. It looks like this (my apologies if you are using a non-proportional font, but you get the idea):

.... + fruits
.... .... - apples
.... .... - bananas

Let's say that you save this Tinderbox document as "notefile1.tbx".

* The "top" note is named "ROOT". And has one child note named "fruits".

* The "fruits" note has two child notes, "apples" and "bananas".

Question 1: What happened to "Hoist"?

The function is still there, but it's been renamed in Tinderbox 6. "Hoist" is now "Focus View", and "Unhoist" is now "Expand View". You can find both of them in the View menu, about a third of the way from the top.

NOTE: In Outline view, you can Focus View only if the currently selected note is a container (i.e., it has child notes under it).

Question 2: Why does the breadcrumb bar appear and disappear?

The breadcrumb bar appears only when the view has been focused. If you click any segment of the bar except the rightmost one (which represents your current, focused view), you jump "up" however many levels is needed to display the note named in the segment you clicked on.

In the simple Tinderbox file described above, if I'm in Outline view and I select the "fruits" note, then select View > Focus View, the view looks like this:

notefile1 > ROOT > fruits     (this is the breadcrumb bar)

+ fruits
.... - apples
.... - bananas

Question 3: How can I move from Outline to Map view, with the map displaying the note I'm interested in and its siblings?

As noted earlier, if you simply execute View > Map, the resulting map will show (in the case of notefile1.tbx) the container icon for "ROOT".

The best way I've found to get the desired result is as follows (using notefile1.tbx, in Outline view, as an example). Let's say that I want to see the map that will show me the "apples" and "bananas" notes.

Step 1: Select the container note that is the "parent" of the notes that you want to display (in this case, the "fruits" note).

Step 2: Select the menu item View > Focus View.

Step 3: Select the menu item View > Map.

At this point, the map view should show the "apples" and "bananas" notes (you may need to scroll around to find them).

I find Tinderbox 6 to be a powerful, complex, and sometimes maddening application. I hope that what I have written illuminates this one small corner of its capabilities and helps someone who is as confused as I was!
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Mark Anderson
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Re: TBX 6 mysteries: Hoist, the "breadcrumb bar," more
Reply #1 - Dec 20th, 2014, 4:21am
Thanks for sharing that.  Smiley  I too get caught by #3, as my 'main' tab is generally a root-level outline. I'd love to be able to open a new view (tab) and set focus in one go.

Tip: if hoisting outlines, if I want to interact with the parent of my note of interest I find it useful hoist to a level one above the level you'd normally use. In a hoisted outline (or chart) the single 'root' object is really a marker as to location and I find some features** don't work as I imagined.

** I don't have a list as since I discovered the workaround I stopped trying to diagnose the issue.
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Mark Anderson
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Mark Bernstein
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Re: TBX 6 mysteries: Hoist, the "breadcrumb bar," more
Reply #2 - Dec 20th, 2014, 9:48am
On #3, consider first duplicating the current tab ("+" on the tab bar).  That way you'll have a nice new tab for your new map view.
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