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Possible bug re Renaming User Attribute (Read 858 times)
Ralph Alvy
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Possible bug re Renaming User Attribute
Jan 14th, 2015, 11:03am
I had a boolean User Attribute called UserChangelog. Various items in my outline had that Attribute checked for future reference. I decided to shorten that Attribute's name to Changelog. Renaming it resulted in all the items that had UserChangelog checked not having Changelog checked. So the Attribute Name was not cascaded or inherited. It seems as though renaming it resulted in it being replaced, not renamed.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Possible bug re Renaming User Attribute
Reply #1 - Jan 14th, 2015, 11:36am
This is a similar issue to your question re deleting  attributes vs key attributes (KA). KA are stored in the system attribute $KeyAttributes. It is a list [sic] of attribute names. Thus if a note’s KA are $FullName, $StartDate, $EndDate and $UserChangelog, the stored list value is "FullName;StartDate;EndDate;UserChangelog".

Now if as explained elsewhere if you delete an attribute or alter it's name, only the attribute is affected. TB doesn't - and never has - go through and find any/all references to the attribute name in KA, agent queries, rules, export templates, etc., etc., and change/delete them. That is left for the user; in anything but a trivially simple document 'just' auto-updating such changes would be more complicated than you might assume.

Tip: if you use Key Attributes a lot, use prototypes. Then the rule, KA, etc. can be edited once and instantly corrected in many notes.

But, you say, I've got lots of notes with existing KA. I applied a prototype and they aren't inheriting the prototype's KA as they're locally set.

Extra Tip: rest your KA using a stamp.  Use this stamp code:


Now select all the notes to reset and apply the stamp. They will now inherit the prototype or app default KA value.  The same process applies for any attribute, just use the '=;' method:


You can reset several at once:

$AnyAttributeName=; $ThisAttribute=; $ThatAttribute=;

…and so on.
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Mark Anderson
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