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Is exporting only for top-level containers? (Read 2533 times)
Ralph Alvy
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Is exporting only for top-level containers?
Jan 17th, 2015, 1:59am
In experimenting with exporting in Outline View, I found that when attempting Export Selected Note on a container that was not top-level, it didn't happen. But when I moved that container out to the top level (Shift-Tab), it worked fine. Is this expected behavior?
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Is exporting only for top-level containers?
Reply #1 - Jan 17th, 2015, 5:00am
This is a known bug. It arises for a slightly different reason than assumed. Going back 10 years, one of TB's roles was a weblog tool (MB blog is still written in TB). As such the app assumed all pages would export, except those you told it not to. Moreover, the doc is exported in outline form, i.e. all root level containers export a page (file) and create a folder in Finder for their children, and so on down the outline. The bug you're hitting is that if a non-root note is exported and the folder(s) needed to define the path from export folder to the notes's outline location don't exist, then the note isn't imported.

You might think the app should 'just' export to the root export folder but in many cases that is exactly what you wouldn't want. Anyway, an appropriate fix is, I believe, being worked on. (I write with v6.1.1 current).

Meanwhile, here's a workaround. For example, I'll assume we have note Z as a child of Y and grandchild of X, i.e. path X/Y/Z. We want to export Z. You could export the whole file and delete the files/folders except folders X and Y, but this might be easier, once set up:
  • Assumptions: you've already added the builtin HTML export template to your doc (this also adds the HTML Template prototype). also, you've assigned the 'HTML page' template to note Z.
  • In your Templates container, add a new HTML Template prototyped note, called 'just-text'.. Give the note this $Text: ^text^ (yes, just that single export code).
  • Make a new root-level note - give it any name you like.
  • Check it has the HTML Template prototype assigned.
  • In the HTML inspector assign this new note the template 'just-text'.
  • Delete the prototype derived $Text and instead add this $Text: ^include("/X/Y/Z")^
  • Now select and export the new note. Note Z will we exported into the doc's main export folder.
  • To export a different nested note, either change the ^include^ path in the above note or add a new such note using a different include.
I repeat this is a workaround. Export is, I understand, scheduled for a major overhaul as which point some of the inelegancies above should disappear.

See more: ^text^, ^include^.
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Mark Anderson
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