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Code for italics or underlined? (Read 1458 times)
Ralph Alvy
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Code for italics or underlined?
Jan 22nd, 2015, 1:13am
Is there a code for setting an outline title to be italicized? Or underlined? I can't seem to find it in TbRef.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Code for italics or underlined?
Reply #1 - Jan 22nd, 2015, 3:31am
Those two aren't possible for outline titles (as opposed to $Text):
  • Underlining. This, certainly back when the app was first developed was used as a metaphor for a hyperlink so use for emphasis would be confusing. IOW, a likely deliberate and certainly logical choice for this app, even if other non-hypertext outliners do things differently (being based simply around visible text).
  • Italics. Italics are used to indicate items that are aliases of notes, making italicisation unavailable for screen emphasis. Visibly indicating an item is an alias is actually quite important (given some attributes are intrinsic).
In outline you can affect an individual title's look thus:
doubtless there may be some other more obscure one's I've forgotten (feel free to chip in, anyone!). I'm reminded we need some annotated screenshots of these main views with the annotations describing the attribute(s) controlling each customisable visual characteristic. The to-do list grows!
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Mark Anderson
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