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"Dropping on" v. "Dragging across" an adornment (Read 966 times)
MJ Mastroianni
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"Dropping on" v. "Dragging across" an adornment
Jun 09th, 2015, 12:30am
If I drag a note across a smart adornment (literally I'm dragging a note, the note is selected with resize handles showing continuously as I enter the adornment boundary and then leave), the action fires (modifying an attribute of the subject note, say.) Does the risk of accidentally triggering an adornment action by touching an adornment boundary by mistake (by say, just moving notes around the map) make this a little too "touchy" for lack of a better word? I do get that it might be desirable for the action to fire like this if the intent is to allow one to trigger something like a chain of actions associated with a group of adornments; just swipe your note across your variety of adornments and voila, you've just executed a bunch of desired actions lickety split.

Why is this desirable? For example, I can envision no action triggered unless the note is actually "dropped" onto the adornment, namely by releasing a mouse button and moving the mouse cursor away from the note (even if the note's resize handles remain visible.)

Using the latest TBX 6.3.0. I've discussed related issues with Mark B. at various times, and the current version's behavior is much more workable for my purposes, which involves using Tinderbox to help simulate work processes (Thank you, Mark  Cool) But I am curious to know the philosophical intent of adornment triggering; what makes the "highly dynamic" triggering behavior a better approach than the "more deliberate" or forgiving alternative? Do Tinderbox users frequently depend on the ability to swipe notes across adornments to trigger actions?
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