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I can link to a PDF page in DTP from TBX!!! (Read 1710 times)
Steve Cronje
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I can link to a PDF page in DTP from TBX!!!
Aug 30th, 2015, 12:01am
I am a raw beginner to TBX, but this is fantastic!  Cheesy

My reading workflow has been to convert all digital books to ePub, as I love to read on my iPad using Marvin. However, getting annotations, etc, out of the iPad and onto my laptop was a bit of a bear, making technical reading especially challenging.

Since discovering TBX, my workflow is changing:

I convert my books in Calibre to PDF (the files are much larger, but, as MB says: "Who cares?"). Calibre places my books automagically in a Dropbox folder. (I am aware that there are risks here, but I do back this up as well, offline.)

I read the PDF version of my book at leisure in GoodReader on my iPad. I think of the iPad as a book, in other words, the mental game I play is to "check the book out" from Dropbox. Once I have read the book, I save it back to Dropbox, and make a second file, with the name changed to indicate that it is edited. My highlights and other markings are saved on the PDF, AND ALSO available as a text file with the annotations separated by page number.

I keep the Dropbox folder indexed in DevonThinkPro. When I need a link in TBX, I simply go to the relevant PAGE in the PDF in DTP, and copy the link. The link is pasted in TBX, in the note referencing the book/page. Now all it takes is a click to take me to the page in DTP.

The next phase of my plan of World Domination is to automate the text file, so that I can explode the file into a bazillion notes in TBX, each with a link to the relevant spot where the highlight/note lives in the PDF.

This should not be too difficult. The main issue is to find the book link, as the remainder is simply a page number. The page number is also offset, and not the same as the one one is looking for, and I am not yet sure if this is a constant or not, but I expect not.

A trouble is that if I re-edit the book on the iPad, a new book ID is generated by Dropbox.

BUT, did I say I am ecstatic?  Cheesy Thanks, MB, and the rest of the team around this solution.

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