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Help with RunCommand quoting (Read 1204 times)
Derek Van Ittersum
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Help with RunCommand quoting
Dec 13th, 2015, 3:40pm
So I currently have the following stamp which works. I had tried to get the code into a "code note", but couldn't figure out the nested quotations.

-M0-D%20h:mm");$DoUrl2="open '"+$DoUrl+"'";runCommand($DoUrl2)

So basically, I'm URL encoding a few attributes, which I understand. Then I'm, creating the "URL" string out of a few attributes, then storing in the "DoURL" string. Then I need to wrap that string in a quotation before passing to run command, so I do that in by storing it in the "DoURL2" string. It's these last two steps that I think must be unnecessary and can be stored in a Code Note of some sort, right?

here's the basic form of the url that I need to pass to command line:

open "twodo://x-callback-url/add?task=Testing&note=theNote" 

Let me know if I've left out some important variables / details. As I said, it's working as is, I'm just hoping to learn a bit more about using code notes for this sort of process.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: Help with RunCommand quoting
Reply #1 - Dec 13th, 2015, 4:23pm
I think the last two may be run as $DoUrl2 = runcommand('open ', $DoUrl) as per syntax here. But if it works for now, I'd be tempted to leave it alone. The need for 'code notes' arises where there are completx quoting issues - essentially you can run out of different types of quotes to nest.
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