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aTbRef v6 updated: similar-to links (Read 1704 times)
Mark Anderson
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aTbRef v6 updated: similar-to links
Feb 01st, 2016, 6:59am
Refresh with a few minor typos/omissions now in the uploaded TBX (they were already fixed online): see here. This upload also includes a return of 'similar-to' links for each page.

Please do report any typos/errors - I do want to know! Generally, if I find an error I'll fix the online HTML page immediately. The uploaded TBX source file is generally changed on full upload (like today). If not for any other reason, the site gets a full upload for each new public release.

N.B. For those using the TBX to create local HTML copies, please note that (for now!) exporting with the similar-to links on takes a lot of resource so don't use a low-powered Mac. This is a known issue and will get fixed in due course. Don't worry though, as the issue only affects those both exporting to HTML and using ^similarTo^ on every page of a large export!).
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Mark Anderson
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