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Strategies on when to create a new document (Read 608 times)
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Strategies on when to create a new document
Feb 24th, 2016, 9:29am
So I am curious when folks think it is appropriate to start a new document.

Back when I was a PM in Sharepoint at MSFT, we used to go with the idea of not creating a new hierarchy until there was enough content to justify. Having ten lists with 1 item each was useless, but one list with ten somewhat disjointed things worked better. With TB it seems that threshold is higher but do folks tend to start with one doc and do everything there, or do you tend to create a different doc for everything you think is different right now? Reading some of the TBWay I see that it's best just to get things down and not worry too much about structure.

Working for a software startup in Boston, I am reading relevant articles about my industry (DevOps/IT), then reading unrelated things about travel or civil rights or basket weaving (ok, I'm not actually reading about that). Part of the value of me is interconnecting unrelated things to get the point across, so I can see the value of keeping it together, but I can also understand why to keep it separate. The last talk I did involved describing CAMS (a DevOps focused acronym) in the context of the Mars Climate Orbiter that crashed into the planet due to a disconnect in teams around metric vs. imperial.

Am I thinking too much?
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Re: Strategies on when to create a new document
Reply #1 - Feb 24th, 2016, 3:47pm
I'd start out in one doc and see where you go. If things don't live together well - even at low numbers of notes - the truth will out. Where new docs (or deliberate disposable copies of existing docs) help a lot is with exploration of TB's features.

If you need to split a doc, you can copy paste groups of notes (205? more? at once) between docs. Or clone the doc, and strip the unwanted data from each - perhaps still leaving a common core of prototypes, etc.
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