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What prototype to use? (Read 396 times)
Mark Anderson
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What prototype to use?
Feb 24th, 2016, 1:16pm
Topic split from here.

-First, I've been trying to set up a prototype for people - or "sources" - based on some of the values I mentioned before: names of people, names of unit, locations, dates of deployment, etc.  At first, I thought: There's already a built-in Prototype for "Person" -- maybe I just use it, and amend it to reflect my KA's...but I'm guessing that's not advisable, correct?

I'll repeat the mantra - there is no one right way. It's asking the wrong question. The built-in prototypes mainly exist to help the less tech-oriented, and those who dislike 'code', to quickly start using prototypes. In truth, prototype are so easy to set up there's no need top use them, especially if your first move it to change many of their customisations.

Staying with people, the specimen data you provided shows a story with people with a prime sub-division: military vs civilian. Two things I can think of that affect prototype design are KAS and how you'll query your data. For instance, if you have a 'Person' prototype and find you've got too many KAs to cover civilian and military attributes that don't overlap both groups, you might consider separate prototypes for each group. In querying, will you often be wanting to find all people notes or military and civilian separately? That might suggest what sort of prototypes you might want.

Started with one prototype and now need to split to two? Vice versa? It's not a problem, so it's not something you should worry about.  Experiment using a small amount of data and see what needs emerge. Rather than the you feed a matrix of thinks you think you might need, work with one of things you know you need (adding to it as you go; indeed perhaps deleting or no longer using the odd thing).
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