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Lost at Quickstep (Read 437 times)
Mark Anderson
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Lost at Quickstep
Feb 24th, 2016, 1:44pm
Topic split from here.

-Also, the default setting under Quickstamp (a pane whose function I don't yet understand) reads "General."  Because I'm creating a prototype for characters, should I select "Person" instead?  I'm not sure if / how that will affect the settings and KA's I desire...  

The Quickstamp inspector dates from early versions of the app and is both powerful but confusing (or certainly to me). For the latter reason, I'd suggest using other simpler methods of setting attributes. Quickstamp also has no role in creating prototypes (the latter task answered in a separate thread. There;s nothing wrong with it, but don't add complexity to your learning by using things you don't need at this point.

Before somebody dings me for being negative about Quickstamp - I'm not! It's clearly confusing in this case and there are less complex ways to set attributes. Seasoned users who like using Quickstamp should carry on using it.

Furthermore, it seems to me that I need to got to the Appearance Inspector->Badge->and select "Person" to get the "Person" badge (instead of selecting Person from Quickstamp section), correct?

I fear you've tripped over there being more than one way to do most task in Tinderbox! Don't worry, use whatever method works and stick with that (for you it is the 'right' one). When you're more familiar with the app you can explore other methods without the current sense of overload.

If you don't know what feature (and usually its underlying attribute) is controlled by parts of the Inspector, see the Inspector section of aTbRef.
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