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Mark Anderson writing "TAKE CONTROL OF TB (Read 2534 times)
Will Duquette
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Re: Mark Anderson writing "TAKE CONTROL OF TB
Reply #15 - Mar 24th, 2016, 5:06pm
@Mark Anderson: Ironically, it's because there isn't an obvious right way that I'd like a handbook: something that would say, well, if you've got this kind of problem you could solve it this way or that way or the other way, and you get these trade-offs in each case.

For example, if you want to represent a hierarchy of notes you can use Parent/Child relationships, as in the Outline View, or you could use explicit links pointing from parent to child.  In the former case you can edit the hierarchy using the OutlineView, which is nice; but if you want to see all of the notes in one Map you're going to need to use aliases or an agent or something.  If you use explicit links then you can keep all of the notes in one container, and see them all in one Map view; and, hey, you can place a note in multiple distinct hierarchies by using different link types.

More of a cookbook, maybe?

But then, I suppose that's partially what these forums are for.
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