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Re: ability to share data with OSX/iOS applications (Read 1811 times)
Mark Bernstein
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Re: ability to share data with OSX/iOS applications
Mar 22nd, 2016, 4:19pm
Tinderbox already imports OPML.  I'm not sure how Workflowy represents tabs; we may handle it already but, if not, send a sample along to the support email and we'll take a look.

Tinderbox already exports text outlines and OPML; I'd expect Curio to support OPML at least. Again, since tags aren't actually part of the standard, I wouldn't know offhand whether Curio can import them, or how it expects them to be represented.  If there's documentation on this, send it along to support.  

(As always, don't hesitate to email. Glossy pictures of what you have in mind, suitable for framing and with a paragraph of text typed on the back of each one, are always welcome.  Or type your question on the back of a twenty dollar bill and send it along to Eastgate HQ, which is right down the street, as it happens, from Car Talk Plaza. Or just send email.)
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