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Linking Notes between DevonThink and Tinderbox (Read 1908 times)
andreas grimm
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Linking Notes between DevonThink and Tinderbox
Apr 06th, 2016, 6:43pm
Hi there,

Since the release of Tinderbox 6.3.1 (=TB) and DevonTHINK 2.8.8 (=DT) linking notes between the two applications is a joy.

Dragging a note (let's say: a RTF-File) from DT to TB will create a note in TB. Showing the URL attribute of the just created note in TB will reveal a backlink to the original note in DT. (Alternatively, one might right/option click on a note in DT and use "Copy Item Link" to manually fetch the link dragging the note to TB does copy automatically.)    

I do prefer the dragging-method, though, which, however, seems to come with one caveat: Dragging a webarchive from DT to TB completes the URL attribute in TB -- instead of the expected backlink-URL to DT -- with the original web-URL from which the webarchive was originally created in DT.

Therefore I suggest a genuine DT-URL in TB so that bringing over files of whatever type from DT to TB always results in completing the kindly requested DT-URL; which leaves the URL already available in TB for web-URL either brought over from DT or to be completed otherwise, means: manually.

Does this make any sense?


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Mark Bernstein
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Re: Linking Notes between DevonThink and Tinderbox
Reply #1 - Apr 6th, 2016, 7:46pm
I believe that DevonThink is kindly supplying the original URL in the drag.  We'll launch a diplomatic mission to enquire.
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