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Adding to Google Calendar (Read 655 times)
Fernando Rodriguez
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Adding to Google Calendar
Jul 21st, 2016, 9:28pm
Is there a way to automagically add a note to Google Calendar when I set a due date? IFTT, whatever...

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Mark Anderson
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Re: Adding to Google Calendar
Reply #1 - Jul 22nd, 2016, 3:47am
Tinderbox doesn't have an event structure as such.  You've need to detect that $DueDate had changed (from default?) and then use runCommand() to talk to the shell and use code of your choice to communicate with Google Calendar.  To detect the attribute value change you could use an agent or for a less immediate method, an edict.

Another route might be to use some automation like Keyboard Maestro with a special shortcut to deliberately trigger some script. I've no experience with the latter app but there are keen KM advocates here so perhaps one of them can explain if this is a viable option.
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