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two kinds of "Tabs" in Tinderbox? (Read 991 times)
andreas grimm
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two kinds of "Tabs" in Tinderbox?
Oct 21st, 2016, 3:54pm
In Tinderbox's View-Menu there are two kinds of Tabs to be found:

1. One at the very top named "Show Tab Bar" and
2. one further down below just named "Tab".

They serve two different purposes:

@1. reveals a Tab-Bar showing different TXB-files whereas
@2. reveals a Tab-Bar showing different notes within one TBX-file.

I like that.

However, I haven't managed two open two already existing TBX-Files in @1. So far I have only been able to open a new untitled TBX-file alongside one TBX-file already opened.

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Mark Bernstein
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Re: two kinds of "Tabs" in Tinderbox?
Reply #1 - Oct 22nd, 2016, 4:26pm
One is the standard Sierra tab feature, the other is Tinderbox's tabs.  As a general rule, I wouldn't open two documents in one Tinderbox window.  But you can if you want to.
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