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Erasing the source of a location setting (Read 1833 times)
Ellen Madono
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Erasing the source of a location setting
Nov 20th, 2016, 9:31pm

I previous failed attempts to use tbx, many files have the following in the text window of a note.

Xpos: -0.7034912109 / Ypos: -6.419677734

The text window does not function properly, so I think that there is a basic flaw in what I did.

I was trying to make a connection between ornaments and note prototypes, but there is a problem which I decided not to solve.  It is just too complicated for me.  So, I want to keep the content of the work that I already did, but get rid of this problematic setting.  How do I do that?

I will explain again:
I want to copy those old problematically setup notes in a new file that accomplishes the same purpose in more simple way.  Before I copy and contaminate my new file setup, I want to erase the source of this setting.  Where will I find it?  How do I erase the source of the problem?

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Mark Anderson
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Re: Erasing the source of a location setting
Reply #1 - Nov 21st, 2016, 8:35am
I'm not sure what you mean - in Tinderbox terms - by an an 'ornament'. My hunch is you're referring to map adornments. For instance:

If so, I'm guessing you've set the $OnAdd action of the adornment so when a note is placed on the adornment, it records the position of the note in the note's test using code like:

$Text = "Xpos: " + $Xpos + " / " + "Ypos: " + $Ypos;

Code like that above re-sets the entire text of the note each time the code is run. Moving the note elsewhere does nothing as there's no action to reverse this. If the text is not set via the adornment, it might be set via the note's rule ($Rule) or a rule inherited from a prototype.

If you don't want that text in a note simply delete it. If it comes back immediately when you de-/re-select the note in the view pane, then you're looking for a rule as the cause; essentially each time the rule runs it records the note's location as text. If it only comes back when you move the note onto an adornment, then I'd look at the adornment's $OnAdd as the cause.

Could you clarify "make a connection between ornaments and note prototypes, but there is a problem which I decided not to solve". Are you not solving that problem or some other problem? Seeing as the 'problem' might be messing up your text I think you do need to localise the cause and either fix it or delete that part of the document. But, without a clearer picture it's hard to give definite suggestions.

For now, I'd review the rules of your notes (Action Inspector, Rule tab) or theOnAdd actions of your adornments (Action Inspector, Action tab) before trying to move any notes as if rules are the issue the 'contamination' source is in the notes themselves.
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Mark Anderson
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