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[Newbie Q] Is it possible to link emails in TB6? (Read 1209 times)
Alastair Leith
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[Newbie Q] Is it possible to link emails in TB6?
Jan 22nd, 2017, 10:36am
I've never used TB before, although be following it for five or more years and wanting to dive in.

I'm trying to build a bit of a repository for information, papers, graphics and stuff but also a bit of a task manager with it. I find the two activities are very interrelated in my work.

Back in Filemakers Bento baby database program you could simply drag emails in to it for linking to them and could be used to retrieve info from them. Obviosuly I can cut and paste text from an email, but I'd still need to search to find the thread again if I wanted more info like dates, or to reply or get CC'd contact info etc etc.

Is there a simple way to organise the transfer of emails into TB 6? Is there an easy way to grab an email's file url and paste it into TB 6 without physically locating the .emlx file.

The only way I know to get the url my copying the subject, and searching for it in the Library/Mail/ folder and then dragging that file into terminal for the path. Bit laborious and clunky. I guess I could just copy the subject and paste that into Tinderbox.
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Mark Anderson
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Re: [Newbie Q] Is it possible to link emails in TB6?
Reply #1 - Jan 22nd, 2017, 12:38pm
I think it works already. I'm testing in Tinderbox v6.6.5 from Mail 10.2 on a 10.12.2 OS MBAir.  If I drag an email from Mail onto the Tinderbox view pane (left pane of window) I get a new note. The title ($Name) and text of the new note are the title of the email and $URL, is populated with a local pseudo-URL. So $URL will have a value like: "message:%3C5022786865C7E74FB545BC8FB6D7CA255F96E62D@SRV00047.soton.ac.uk%3E".

Try dragging in an email, then select the new note.  In the text (right pane), click the '+' button just below the note title and in the pop-up type 'URL' to set $URL as a key attribute (or use an method you prefer to set it as a KA). You should see $URL is populated and that there is a globe icon in the KA table. Click that to pen the email. This works as under the hood Tinderbox passes the $URL string to finder and says 'open this' and Finder knows to call Mail and your email is opened in Mail.
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Mark Anderson
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