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Problem with outline text bunching up (Read 1800 times)
Nigel Green
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Problem with outline text bunching up
Mar 16th, 2017, 6:54am
Hello - apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but a few google and forum searches haven't turned anything up. I'm not wholly sure of the best way to describe the issue so it may be that I'm using the wrong terms, but I have an issue where the outline text bunches up when I expand a node:

As you can see, it leaves the right amount of space for the entries, and if I collapse and expand the node it shows the text (most times). It tends to happen more when I'm opening a node in the middle of the outline and there isn't room for the tree to expand in the viewport.

I've not noticed it much before, but have seen the issue happen with regularity since upgrading to version 7. Is there a setting I'm missing or is this a known bug?


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Mark Anderson
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Re: Problem with outline text bunching up
Reply #1 - Mar 16th, 2017, 7:21am
This is a known bug and is under active investigation but the causal factor is not yet clear. As you may appreciate, it's one thing to see the effect but hard to fix if the cause is (as yet) unclear!.

The issue affect everyone or all docs (so some will not see this) but where it does occur it is as you describe; I've certainly seen it from time to time. If you are able to trigger the problem consistently and on demand do please inform support.

I find that if/when this expansion error occurs, it helps to switch to another tab and back and then the expand collapse should work again correctly.
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Mark Anderson
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