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TB as a tool for advanced narrative models (Read 8090 times)
Ted Goranson
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TB as a tool for advanced narrative models
Nov 12th, 2009, 10:46pm
I have begun a project in narrative dynamics and am using Tinderbox for one of my analytical tools.

The notion is to explore and test radical new logics for narrative structure. The example text is in TB, the notes and reports as well, and the progress is planned to be “processed” in TB as it is reasoned about.

Essentially, each note is a piece of information that is captured in a specific logical form. The elements of that representation are user attributes.

Some munging can be done within TB via the internal language. (I can never sort out the terms of rules, agents, actions...) But I plan on passing the representations via shell script for the heavy math. At the moment, most of the work is going into UI design of sorts in map view.

1) Has anyone successfully passed attribute sets to shell scripts in an intensive way?

2) Has anyone done processing on the XML while the file is open in TB? Is there as safe way to do this, assuming agents can be paused?

Since there is a post on textual analysis that says what the author thinks of TB, here is my take.

It is a system for structured information with:

— a typed-link hypertext system

— “visual hypertext” with a rather flexible set of cognitive tools

— a rather powerful internal language that can operate on notes via exposed attributes

— a similarly powerful web publishing engine
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Mark Bernstein
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Re: TB as a tool for advanced narrative models
Reply #1 - Nov 13th, 2009, 9:56am
I'm note sure what would consitute intensive passing of attributes to scripts, but yes, you should have no trouble using runCommand.  (Under the hood, each runCommand does a fork() -- that should give you a sense of the overhead involved)

Tinderbox only touches its file when opening or closing, so changing the XML while the document is open will be ineffectual.
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