Updating To Tinderbox 4.6

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Updating To Tinderbox 4.6

Tinderbox agents and rules have increased in power and expressiveness with every release. It’s time for spring cleaning, time to make agents and actions simpler and easier.

Unfortunately, some of the improvements might require minor changes in existing agents and rules. Tinderbox 4.6 opens existing documents as Untitled; we recommend you review your Tinderbox documents and save the new versions and retain the old documents for reference.

Quote your strings

String constants should now be quoted, using either single or double quotes.


In older versions, you could sometimes omit the quotes and Tinderbox would silently supply them.

Attribute Names begin with $

When referring to attributes by name, always include the $.


In older versions the "$" was sometimes implicit.

^URL(this) and ^URL(original)

In older versions, the export ^URL of an alias was always the same URL was the export ^URL of the original note. In Tinderbox 4.6, aliases can be exported separately. A new keyword, original, lets you refer to the original of an alias; in all other contexts, original is synonymous with this.

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