Ed Stanko saw it coming from a mile away. He had a way that he always knew what was coming, good or bad. Though this time they gave him fair warning (he imagined the asshole doctor calling on the hinged cellular phone from the leathery smelling interior of the green BMW, his daughter sleeping ripe and sweet beside him, her young breasts with nipples like berries), still he would have known anyway.

He felt the spunk raise inside him, blue balls, a knot of aching below his tired thighs. He had half a mind to lock up the place and have a look at his pictures when ("I'll be damned," he thought, "my dick is like a dowser. I see things coming a mile away.") his whore of a tenant shows up wondering whether they couldn't work out something about the rent this month again, rubbing up against him, breathing perfume on him.

"You can suck me off for a week's rent, no more," he said. "And I want it fast because there's business heading my way."

"Whatever you say Eddie," she said. He almost came hearing how she said it. "I'll wait for you in my chambers."

She was nutty as a fruitcake, she thought she was a queen.

She had a mouth like a viper and a knife like a flame.

He didn't know what hit him.