Space Pen

“…the primary source for serious hypertext” – Robert Coover, The New York Times Book Review

Space Pen

Fisher SpacePen/PDA black
Fisher SpacePen Space Pen metallic blue (new!) X750
Fisher Space Pen SX750

If you're going to write on the go, the Fisher Space pen is the tool you need. Folded up, it'll fit anywhere your journal will go -- and it has no sharp edges to gouge your phone or PDA or scratch your leather journal. Unfolded, it's a full-size pen.

But it's not an ordinary pen. If you need to write in an awkward position -- leaning against the a wall during a downpour in Prague, writing against the window of a railroad compartment -- the space pen will work flawlessly. It'll write upside down. It'll write cleanly in the rain. It'll even write underwater.

If you never seem to have a pen handy, this is the pen for you. Folded, it's small enough to fit comfortably in any pocket. You won't be tempted to leave it behind. Unfolded, it's a comfortable, sturdy, full-size pen. It won't get scratched by keys or loose change, and it won't scratch your cell phone or wallet. It won't leak, ever.

We've got three special, hard-to-get versions of the Fisher Space Pen. The X750 is black, textured, with a special soft grip. We've even got the beautiful new BLUE X750 -- a deep, rich metallic blue with real impact. Plus, we've got a new Space Pen model that's the same size as the traditional bullet, but has a convenient PDA stylus on the back end for your palmtop device.

Folded, the space pen is smaller than a pocket Moleskine. Unfolded, it's a full-size pen.