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This demonstration version provides a quick glimpse into the intertwingled lives of the denizens in Marble Springs.

While the full version contains many more gathering places, this version lets you visit Crow's Mountain, the First Congregational Church, the Ladies Aid Society, and the White Owl.

The full version will let you read and conjecture about many different lives, while this version lets you see Billie Rose Cattering, Doc Nancy Ellimar, Millie Horner, Emmy Mateson, Zandra Miller, and Bridget O'Shanty

The full version, available from Eastgate Systems, Inc., will let you enter your conjectures and stories about many other lives connected with the women in Marble Springs. In the World Wide Web demonstration version you are currently reading, you cannot write directly to any of the screens, but here are some examples of characters you can write about in the complete Marble Springs: Old Joe Cattering, Martin Crow, T.M. Davidson, Pastor Ed Horner, Jake Mateson, and Asa Miller

Connections lurk under the text. In this demonstration version, you can only click on underlined words or linked graphicss. Other hypertext links (underlined words or other boxes) are available in the full version of Marble Springs.

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Demo Version Contents:
"Which would you prefer:
Being a rich old gentleman,
warmly wrapped against the cold,
perusing the outdoor book stalls of London's nineteenth century,
Or being who and where you are,
uploading and downloading
in your warm anonymity?"

Sophie Smith Weaver,
Susannah Smith's great-granddaughter, 1990.

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