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The buttons below will also help you navigate through this text. Their functions may not be entirely obvious, however. The question mark will take you to a help screen that will explain all the buttons you will find in this work. The left and right pointing hands take you to the previous or the next "card," an object familiar to Hypercard (TM) users but perhaps a little foreign to others. In the REAL Marble Springs, each screen occupies a card in a "stack." Thus "previous" points to the card that immediately precedes the current one in the stack. "Next," of course, points to the next card in the stack.

Often the effects of choosing "next," are a little unpredictable -- Hypercard authors sometimes put cards "next to" each other even if some other order would be more "logical" or direct.

But please, just try some of these connections out. And don't hesitate to revisit a page you have already seen. You'll see it differently the second, third, and fourth times round. Remember, this is a work of fiction.

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