With Twig’s Noter, you can make notes simply by typing them. Want to revise an old note? Just start typing its name. Twig is smart about abbreviations and shortcuts.

Every note can have as much text as you need, and as many tags as you desire. You can add your own attributes to notes. (Need more representational power? Twig notes can have prototypes and inherit their properties. Prototypes can save a lot of typing!)

The Noter shows you a list of related notes and a topical word cloud. Everything’s editable, and everything’s fast.



The Twig Map gives you unprecedented freedom to make notes and express relationships exactly as you want. It’s not just a way to make pretty pictures, but a powerful and fast way to capture ideas and express tentative connections among them.


Link gracefully within your document, and from your document to any file, Web page, or internet service. Linking is as easy and natural as drawing a line or typing a URL.



Twig’s Noter and Map views work together to let you capture information quickly and keep it organized as your understanding changes.

For a quick tour, watch Stacey Mason’s screencasts on notemaking with Twig.



Twig’s outline gives you checkboxes, columns, and graphic badges. Not only can you apply styles to your notes, but notes can inherit styles from their prototypes.


Twig’s Chart lets you read and write your document in a snappy and elegant tree browser. Twig’s agents scan your document constantly to find interesting notes. Adornments help organize your maps, while Smart Adornments can reach out and arrange new notes for you. Twig’s Search tools are blindingly fast and incredibly flexible.

Twig can even sync notes to Simplenote. Add notes from your iPhone, read them on your iPad, back them up in the cloud.


Tinderbox reads Twig files, and Twig reads Tinderbox files. Users of either program can exchange information seamlessly. Move back and forth between programs whenever you want.

TWIG is great for quickly capturing new ideas and for discovering relationships among them. Almost everything happens in a single window, making Twig ideal for conferences, meetings, and brainstorming on the run.

TINDERBOX gives you unequalled power for analyzing and sharing. Tinderbox agents and rules can move and modify notes, letting you build intelligent notebooks that help organize themselves. And Tinderbox export templates provide unmatched flexibility for export to the Web, to XML, or to almost any modern format.

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