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"Whereas in my experience most students fail to utilize adequately the editorial and critical apparatus designed to bridge the gap between past and present, in this class almost half specifically remarked on their course evaluations that The Dickens Web had introduced them to a wider array of materials and approaches than they were used to. They saw more clearly why textual details matter and how these details can be connected to a work's broader themes--Jonathan Smith, Is There a Hypertext In This Class? Teaching Victorian Literature in the Electronic Age

An open, richly interlinked web of Dickens' world, The Dickens Web is designed to be extensible and adaptable. The Dickens Web is the landmark of the great experiment in hypertextual teaching and research begun by Landow and others in the Intermedia project at Brown. Perhaps the best-known pedagogical hypertext, The Dickens Web remains among the finest examples of hypertextual scholarship.

Dickens Web, for Macintosh

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Dickens Web, for Windows

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The Dickens Web
compiled and edited by George P. Landow
ISBN 1-884511-05-8
editions for Macintosh or Windows..... $49.95

About the author:
George P. Landow

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