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its name was Penelope

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"[Malloy is] one of the most fascinating hypertext stylists ... The experiment with randomization is bold and surprisingly effective. As a result, Penelope can be read through multiple times ... each reading creating overlapping, but never matching, impressions." -- Alvin Lu, The Bay Guardian

"Nicely evocative ... the effect is remarkably close to the subjective quirkiness of memory, of past moments floating unpredictably to the surface." -- Richard Grant, Washington Post Book World

"In this work of computer fiction, Judy Malloy has created something very akin to the melange of snapshots most of us have shut away somewhere in a cabinet or a back shelf. ... in this work, the reader finds the same sort of casual, almost meaningless -- and thereby potentially most meaningful -- images of people meandering in a park, of tightly knotted skate laces, plates of food, or toy sailboats on the beach. Indeed, the visual imagery is strikingly vivid, as clear and lucid as one might expect from a visual artist, which Malloy is. ...

The narrator, Anne Mitchell, is an artist, a photographer, who offers us a tripartite montage of her life in random screens of text that glimpse and blink by like the slide show at a party ... We are drawn through a range of emotions, lulled by nostalgia, then titillated and shocked, or saddened and outraged. This is truly Story as we have always known it, but with the added experimental dimensions of mnemonic time-distortion. ... With simple randomizing screens of open-ended text, Judy Malloy has used this technology to recreate the complex way we remember who we are." -- Carolyn Guyer

its name was Penelope, for Macintosh

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its name was Penelope, for Windows

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its Name Was Penelope
by Judy Malloy
ISBN 1-884511-07-4
Macintosh or Windows..... $24.95

About the author:
Judy Malloy

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