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In Small And Large Pieces and Unnatural Habitats

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In Small & Large Pieces
"[Kathryn Cramer writes] things no sane human being can understand." -- Bruce Sterling.

"Highly recommended!"-- Terry Bison

"Kathryn Cramer's bizarre short story ... is a tale of a psychotic sister and her suicidal brother that is ably served by e-fiction's use of hypertext." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"A psychic jouney through the backwaters of adolescence." -- Utne Reader

In Small and Large Pieces is a postmodern Through the Looking Glass. Anna's parents have the bad habit of falling to pieces in any crisis. Anna thinks that's nothing she can't fix, but then the Grand Unified Parent is a little much to deal with ...Kathryn Cramer is a winner of the World Fantasy Award.

Unnatural Habitats sings the poetry of primitive submarines, crippled spaceships, and basement apartments. Canadian poet Kathy Mac explores the consequences of American idealism, from the Apollo 13 tragedy to the U.S. invasion of Kuwait.

"Just a blanket made out of pieces
from an army uniform
khaki shirt fronts and sleeves, cuffs and collars
painstakingly and obsessively
picked apart at the seams
reduced to random shapes
and reassembled."

Eastgate Quarterly 1(3)

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The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext
volume 1 number 3
In Small & Large Pieces by Kathryn Cramer
Unnatural Habitats by Kathy Mac
ISBN 1-884511-15-5
for Macintosh and Windows..... $24.95

About the author:
Kathryn Cramer
Kathy Mac

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